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FAQs for Candidates & Employers

We value the relationship with each client company that we serve to enhance your workforce. Find the answers to your questions about our approach to job placement for leading talent in critical industries and find answers to your questions about our staff augmentation services that support engineering and skilled trades.

View the current openings from our consulting and recruiting service to find the best opportunity in critical industries. Together, we are building today’s workforce one relationship at a time.

  • What is a consulting and recruiting service?
    We act as a consultant for our client companies to find talent to place in their mission-critical roles. We place talent on a permanent or temporary basis depending on the nature of the project or needs of the client.
  • Do you offer benefits?
    We proudly offer 401(k) plans, profit sharing, health, dental, and vision for qualifying candidates and other benefits depending on the terms of your contract. All candidates work for us on a W2 basis and we provide extensive liability coverage and benefits packages for each individual.
  • How often do you pay?
    We pay weekly. We are proud of our ability to consistently deliver weekly payroll for employees.
  • What is the duration of the contract?
    Your contract will depend on the nature of the work (permanent or temporary). We work with you on a case-by-case basis to set the talent contract for the work in our client company.
  • Do you have other jobs after my contract is up?
    We proactively identify new opportunities before your contract expires. We stay in communication to ensure that you understand your next options. Once your contract expires, we seamlessly transfer you to the next contract.
  • What is your hiring process?
    We pre-screen all talent through background checks, references, and I-9 compliance verification. We then assess your skills, background, education, training, and past work history. We create a profile of your expertise, then intelligently match you to available job opportunities with our client companies. We communicate with you to identify the ideal match for you, both professionally and personally.
  • How long does it take to be onboarded?
    The length of the onboarding process varies by candidate. Every candidate must complete a drug test, background investigation, employment verification, and technical and behavioral interview. We stay in constant communication with you throughout the process to follow up with additional information required to add you to our talent pool. Once you are onboarded, we actively probe our client companies to find the ideal role that matches your profile.
  • Do you provide training?
    We provide preliminary training on how to enter into a new work environment. However, specific training is typically provided by client companies once you are placed in a new role.
  • Will I need my own PPE?
    Having your own personal protection equipment is a bonus. Most client companies will provide on-site PPE depending on the nature of the contracted work.
  • Do you provide tools?
    Our client companies will provide the tools necessary to perform work at their facility or on-site at an external location.
  • What industries do you work in?
    We place candidates in industries that include Aerospace, Aviation, Chemicals, Construction, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Power Delivery, Power Generation, Renewables, Telecom, Transportation/Logistics, and Utilities.
  • Where do you place jobs geographically?
    We place candidates in roles across the country. We work in the Southwestern U.S. (Texas and surrounding states), Northeast (New York, Pennsylvania, and New England states), Midwest (Missouri, Illinois, and more states), South (Georgia, Arkansas, and Gulf Coast states), and West (Colorado, Dakotas, and West Coast).
  • Do you work with unions?
    We do not work directly with unions or partner with unions. We will work with client companies running a union site as long as the site is 51 percent non-union.

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